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Peter Draws Product Giveaway

APEALZ is sponsoring PETER DRAWS, our newest MasterCreator. You can shop Peter's designs on APEALZ by clicking this link.

Peter is producing a custom design for several APEALZ products. You can win them here! All you have to do is watch the APEALZ sponsored video on PETER DRAWS, and fill in the form below with the episode's special code word. That's it! No purchase necessary.

Starts MARCH 17th, 2021 on select APEALZ sponsored PETER DRAWS videos!   

Winners will be announced at the beginning of the next APEALZ sponsored PETER DRAWS video.

Giveaways end on or around June 23rd, 2021.


APEALZ Product Giveaway Start: March 17th, 2021

Winners will be announced at the beginning of the next APEALZ sponsored PETER DRAWS video. The Giveaway Winners will also be listed below. 

APEALZ will send winners an email notification too.

Giveaway #1 Winners Are Listed Below:

Winner #1 - Antonio Espinoza
Winner #2 - Zach King
Winner #3 - Kelsey Jarvis
Winner #4 - Haley Lynn
Winner #5 - Emily Sapp


Giveaway #2 Winners Are Listed Below:

Winner #1 - Bonnie Rosendale
Winner #2 - Chandler Johnson
Winner #3 - Josephine Beck
Winner #4 - Wyland Tinsley
Winner #5 - Gideon Leon


Giveaway #3 Winners Are Listed Below:

Winner #1 Camilla Madacki
Winner #2 Jacob Walker
Winner #3 Gwynith Zimmer
Winner #4 Karston Salsbury
Winner #5 Will Carter


Giveaway #4 Winners Are Listed Below:

Winner #1 Lekisha Fairley
Winner #2 Luke Malizzo
Winner #3 Kevin Marx
Winner #4 Willie Fry
Winner #5 Mike Tennyson


Giveaway #5 Winners Will Be Listed Below:

Winner #1 Mike Urban
Winner #2 Brooke Boatman
Winner #3 Liam Wirth
Winner #4 James Taylor
Winner #5 Meredith Dance


25 People Won!
Check back soon for more APEALZ Product Giveaways!


How do you win?
The APEALZ Team will randomly select up to 5 entrants who have completed the form, entering in the episode's unique key word. The winners will receive the same design and product type that was presented in video. Sorry, no substitutions. You'll be also be entered into our special email list for discounts and new APEALZ products, no spam. We're adding new products every month and want to keep you updated in case there is something you would like! APEALZ Product Giveaway Rules.

Entrants will have a minimum of 72 hours to enter before Giveaway ends. Time is of the essence for entry. There are no guarantees when the next video drops and winners are announced from the previous APEALZ sponsored video.

Remember, you can monetize your art and become an APEALZ Creator too! Learn more.

Thank you for entering to win! GOOD LUCK!


One entry per person for each giveaway.

Entering more than once per giveaway will not increase your chances of winning, so please just submit the form one time.