Personalized Academic & School Stickers

For over 10 years, we have used custom school stickers to make classrooms unique, joyful, and successful. Make your campus shine with APEALZ!

What is APEALZ? Our custom education stickers are printed on a durable, high-quality material that can be transformed into anything - then removed, repositioned, and reused multiple times with no residue or surface damage. APEALZ stickers will not shrink, curl, rip, or wrinkle in any climate. Request a Free Sample Now!


Academic Stickers for Educators, Students, & Administrators

APEALZ reusable academic stickers and skins help celebrate, communicate, and spread joy in any educational setting.

Education Stickers For Kids

Stick small positive praise stickers on progress charts, art pieces, and homework without the sticker residue.

Personalized Teacher Stickers

APEALZ custom education stickers and skins stick to anything and are easily removable semester after semester.

Custom Academic Stickers

Create custom removable and reusable wall and window graphics, outdoor and indoor
signs, photo stickers, and more.

School Logo Academic Stickers

School logo stickers are great for fundraisers and promoting school pride.

With APEALZ, you can inspire curiosity, boost retention, and make the learning process a delightful journey for students and teachers. Whether you are looking to increase engagement and communication or need custom designs and products, we have the perfect school logo academic stickers for your classroom. Here are a few more ways reusable stickers elevate any educational organization:

  • Create custom badges and QR codes for different courses or departments
  • Guide students and staff in emergency situations with hazard and safety signage stickers posted on walls and windows
  • Host a mascot bumper sticker design competition and print the winner's design to sell as a fundraising event
  • Cover, protect, and label devices and tools such as laptops, staplers, tablets, and remotes
  • Create name tags and badges to label desks, chairs, cubbies, bins etc
  • Prominently display and update school policies, upcoming events, and schedules

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