Become an APEALZ Creator

We're looking for Artists who want to monetize their Art in a fun way and increase their exposure to a broader audience. If selected, we'll put your designs on our products, advertise them, and promote you as the Artist on our websites and other platforms! You'll receive a commission on all of your designs that we sell, and you still own all of your work.


As an APEALZ Creator, you’re promoted on every design of yours that we present. 

This is a great opportunity to grow your audience and audience engagement, not to mention having your Art on the 100’s of products we have now and the 100’s more we’re adding this year.

Your APEALZ CREATOR Badge displays on your profile and tells everyone that your Art
was selected to be featured on APEALZ.

  • creator-white
  • goldcreator_large
  • max-creator-white
  • max-creator-yellow
  • max-creator-blue
  • master-creator

Each time one of your designs sells, you’ll receive a fee based upon your badge rank. Commissions are paid quarterly. You can receive APEALZ store credits and special incentives for all of your hard work too.

We promote you the Artist and your work on the APEALZ website and contest platforms. We bring your work to more people,
help you to monetize your Art with our platforms, and grow your audience and audience engagement.

Enter to become

Benefits and Rewards

Your designation as an APEALZ Creator

10%Each time your design is sold on APEALZ

5%Each time your Unique Creator Affiliate Link is used on an APEALZ purchase

$50Earned for every approved video you make about APEALZ on your YouTube channel

You and your work featured on our websites in searches, lists, and banners and potentially, via our YouTube channel and APEALZ sponsored videos.


  • Include 10 or more approved designs to the APEALZ platform. Your work must be approved for inclusion by APEALZ
  • Contribute a minimum of 2 new designs each quarter for your catalog of images that are available on APEALZ

NOTE: Our platforms are curated. There is a licensing
agreement upon acceptance to our program. Acceptance
as an APEALZ Creator is Resumé worthy.