Create Your Own Apealz...Upload your favorite image and design your own product!

Using Apealz


It’s Peel and Stick!

Stick it. Remove it.
Reuse it.

Apealz has got you covered. Our unique
adhesive allows you to stick your Apealz
to virtually anything, remove it and reuse it
somewhere else. You can choose from one
of our great designs, or create your own using
our ArtBoard. Also, you can choose unique
designs from our own MasterCreators!


Make a Photo Apealz!

Our unique Photo Apealz stick to
your wall easily and can be removed
without damage. Just create, upload
your own, or choose from one of our
fabulous designs and then move or
adjust your Photo Apealz until it feels
just right. How cool is that? 


Shop by Image!

The Apealz Shop by Image Gallery is a
great way to see all the cool images you
can put on your devices. Once you find
the image you like, you can choose what
device you want to put it on, or make your
Photo Apealz, Sticker Apealz, Water Bottle
Apealz, etc... you get the idea :)


Customize It!

The Apealz Art Board lets you
customize your Apealz exactly how
you like it. Choose from one of our
great images or upload your own.
You can adjust the image size, overlap
several images and add text. Just use
your imagination and fingertips to create
your custom Apealz.


Become an APEALZ Creator

Apealz is sponsoring artists right now. If
you're an Artist who would like to share
your work with more people, and you've
started a YouTube channel, or have
been producing videos for a while about
your art, then we're inviting you
to become an APEALZ Creator!


Bulk Orders!

If you would like to order a bunch of
Apealz, no problem! Just email us, and
one of our friendly customer service folks
will help you to order and also, make
sure you receive your special bulk order price!

  • Stick it
  • Remove it
  • Reuse it