Increase Brand Visibility: APEALZ Transforms Surfaces into Marketing Tools


Businesses are continually seeking innovative ways to boost brand visibility and connect with their target audience. APEALZ has created a unique product that enables companies to transform everyday surfaces into powerful marketing tools. The versatility of APEALZ enables businesses to showcase their brand, logo, tagline, or promotional messages on a variety of surfaces, from windows and walls to laptops, tablets, and phones.

APEALZ Device Skins

APEALZ is all about personalization and self-expression, making it the ideal platform for businesses to create a memorable brand presence. The devices you carry around every day can be vehicles to educate your customers and foster brand awareness:

  • Laptops:

In today's era of remote work and digital reliance, laptops have become essential tools for professionals and students alike. APEALZ helps businesses customize laptop covers with their branding elements, ensuring that their logo or promotional message is prominently displayed with every use. This ensures that your brand travels with your audience, whether it's to a coffee shop, a client meeting, or a remote workspace.

  • Tablets

Tablets are versatile devices used in various industries, from healthcare to hospitality. Customer-facing tablets, used for point-of-sale check out or appointment check in, are highly visible and essential to the customer’s experience. APEALZ allows businesses to personalize tablets with unique designs, turning these devices into portable and impactful billboards for communicating with customers. 

  • Phones

People are constantly glued to their devices. APEALZ offers businesses the opportunity to create customized phone skins, providing a 24/7 marketing presence that goes wherever the device goes.

The Power of Brand Visibility & Awareness 

Brand awareness is a cornerstone of any successful marketing strategy. APEALZ understands the significance of creating a memorable brand presence and offers businesses the tools to achieve it. By utilizing personalized designs on everyday surfaces, companies can effectively:

  • Increase Brand Visibility: Customized laptop skins, tablet cases, and phone skins draw attention wherever they go. Capture the eyes of potential customers.
  • Strengthen Brand Loyalty: When customers see your logo or tagline regularly, it reinforces your brand in their minds. This consistent exposure builds trust and loyalty, increasing the chances of repeat business and referrals.
  • Create a Unique Identity: With APEALZ, businesses can get creative with their designs, ensuring that their marketing messages stand out. This uniqueness helps brands distinguish themselves in competitive markets.

APEALZ reusable adhesives can be applied anywhere and reused countless times without leaving any sticker residue behind. This long-lasting and memorable extension of your brand sets you apart. Elevate your marketing strategy with APEALZ and make your brand the center of attention.