Become a Contributing Artist

APEALZ is always looking for great art and great artists. If selected, we'll put your designs on our products, advertise them, and promote you as the artist on our websites! You'll receive a commission on any of your designs that we sell, and you still own your work. 

The APEALZ Contributing Artists are able to share their work on APEALZ products - whether it's photography, paintings, mixed media - we're about supporting art in all forms, so we've designed this program to promote artists who are not on YouTube, and have something special to share.



   Your badge tells everyone that your art was chosen to be featured on APEALZ.


Each time one of your designs sells, you’ll receive a fee for your talent and genius. Commissions are paid quarterly. You’ll earn recognition and income from your art!

Awards and Trophies:

You’ll receive APEALZ store credits and special incentives for all of your hard work. You’ll also earn APEALZ Plaques and digital trophies that will display with your profile highlighting your achievements.


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If you would like to become an APEALZ Contributing Artist, please complete the form below. We will review your art submissions and will contact you if we would like to learn more.

APEALZ is dedicated to providing a platform for artists to share and monetize their work.

APEALZ will use the sample work you submit to select you for this program. Please make sure it is your best :